Years ago, nobody would have called me a fitness guru or anything similar. I used to enjoy a relatively sedentary lifestyle that didn’t involve much exercise. Most healthy individuals would have considered my diet mediocre, leaning toward unhealthy. At the time, I was content with my overall health, even though I knew I could do better. My friends and family members pushed me to get off my butt and start working on an active lifestyle.

Starting Small and Slowly Climbing for Success

I started out slowly in the beginning since I wasn’t used to regular exercise. Likewise, I wasn’t used to healthy eating because I did love my salty foods. Jumping into heavy exercise immediately wasn’t exactly an option. I chose to start with 30 minute walks around the neighborhood. I tried to focus my meals with more vegetables and less red meats. For the first couple months, I made slow but steady progress in my fitness quest. I am not the person I was even a couple of years ago!

Fast forward to today, and old acquaintances can’t even recognize me. I went from sitting around for hours each day to loving the outdoors. My diet has improved dramatically, and I’ve even learned to be an amateur chef at home of sorts. The gym is a second home to me five days per week, too. I had to force myself to love fitness at first, but personal fitness soon became a life-long passion of mine.

My Goals for This Fitness Blog Moving Forward

That’s why I started this fitness blog. After a while, I realized that I loved talking about fitness and craved conversations with others who felt the same way. I’m not here to force my physical fitness and dieting habits upon readers, but I do want to share these things and more. If even a single person follows my advice on this blog, then I’ll feel I’ve accomplished something. However, I invite readers to form their own opinions and routines, too.

What You’ll Find Here: Resources, Advice, Opinions, and More

On this blog, you’ll find plenty of information related to exercise and proper dieting. I’ll show readers what has worked for me and then provide alternatives for their specific goals. When it comes to fitness, everyone wants something slightly different for themselves. No single routine or diet will solve everyone’s problems and help them achieve their goals. By laying down a solid foundation for you, I believe you can figure things out for yourself.

Get Active and Reap The Personal Rewards

I couldn’t imagine sitting on the couch all day right now. In the past couple years, I’ve avoided such downtime by staying active and working on my own personal fitness goals. You’ve heard some of my story, and I’m excited to share more of it throughout the blog. In the end, I’d love for you to read through these posts and find value in them. I’d especially like to hear from my own readers on what they’re doing to further their overall health. Learning is a two-way street, and I’d love to teach my readers and learn from them at the same time!

Be sure to check out the rest of the blog for resources, tips, and interesting reads!