Fitness Experience

Making Fitness A Priority

For me, my fitness has always been something that has been a major priority in my life. While some people might see spending so much of their time and energy devoted to fitness as a waste, I see it as the opposite. While I may spend more time exercising and planning my diet than the average person, I also feel that I get more out of the rest of my time. I feel so much more energetic and full of life than most other people around me, and I couldn’t imagine living any other way.

It’s also important to remember that it’s not like I am really depriving myself when it comes to my diet. I’m not hungry all the time, in fact I’m usually quite full and satisfied after eating a meal. This is because I don’t diet in the traditional sense that most people think of. I don’t cut my portions, I simply make smarter choices when deciding what types of foods to eat. The great thing about this approach to dieting is that you don’t have to count calories, and you don’t have to eat small portions. In fact you can make fitness a priority when dieting just by paying attention to how you eat. For example when I start my morning I usually have some egg whites, turkey bacon, and a small bowl of oatmeal. This is a very filling meal that is loaded with nutritional value. It’s not necessarily low in calories, but it’s still healthy because it provides my body with the right kinds of calories. It’s a balanced blend of low fat protein and slow digesting carbohydrates that helps me to get my day started the right way.

While I used breakfast as my example it’s certainly not the only time I choose to eat healthy. I continue to make fitness a priority throughout the day by making smart choices. I make sure that my meals are all high in lean protein and slow digesting carbohydrates, and I avoid junk food. The empty calories found in soda, candy, and other types of highly processed foods are the worst things you can eat, and they will have a major negative impact upon your fitness. If you want to make fitness a priority in your life the first step is to clean up your diet. Making smart choices at each meal can help you to get in shape and stay in shape.